16 July 2010

Why Win Legitimately , When You Can Steal It?

If you are the Democrat party, why win an election legitimately when you can steal it?  If you're power hungry and the rule of law is simply an inconvenience as a means to your end, then you can't be bothered with the details.  Obama's crew (since he's basically nothing more than a Chicago mobster) have decided to create a widget to allow blogs to register new voters.  Apparently, the user of the widget will consent to indemnify and hold harmless the DNC, and the onus is on the registering voter to provide "truthful" information.  I suppose the "Organizing for America" group figures it is "unpossible" that people lie on the internet.  Or is that what they are hoping for? 

In reality, our laws are so screwed up with regards to voting, we should honestly take a page out of the Iraq "ink your finger model."  Why is it that the US DoJ has sued states that mandate display of your photo ID prior to voting, yet a young republic is intelligent enough to "brand" voters to keep them from voting the Chicago way of early and often.  

I wonder how many people from this retirement community will be registering to vote this fall? 

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