13 August 2010

What did Rockford, IL Gestapo Learn from McDonald?

Even though we now have an individually guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, which even applies to the states, that won't keep them from confiscating your arms based on their personal whims! 

It seems that some bat nut neighbor of a Rockford, IL man "witnessed" a burglary and called the Po-Po's.  Once they arrived on the scene, they found a house in disarray with trash everywhere and some 300 firearms strewn about.  No signs of a crime, except maybe that the homeowner is a pack rat and a slob.  No knowledge that the guns aren't legally owned.  Just confiscated to run "checks" on all the arms to make sure they haven't been used in any crimes or haven't been reported stolen. 

I'm pretty sure this violates not only the 2A but your standard 4th and 5th Amendments as well.  Kudos Rockford for continuing the egregious acts of violating individual rights.  Here's to hoping that Alan Gura's NC Emergency Power's lawsuit is successful in enjoining states from outright confiscations when no crime is committed. 

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