25 August 2010

Who Needs Oscar When the Trash Cans Snitch Themselves

Here come the Green Police!

Michelle Malkin has recently be reporting on Obama's FedGov land and ocean grabs, but now she is also reporting that your stimulus dollars are hard at work snitching on you for the sake of environmentalism! 

Seems that $500,000 of your tax dollars have gone towards funding trashcans embedded with RFID tags and bar codes aimed at turning Cleveland trash collectors into tax collectors.  If you don't move your recycling bin to the curb in three weeks of collection, the RFID's tell the collectors to sort through your trash to make sure that you aren't throwing away recyclable materials.  Your penalty?  A fairly hefty $100, which will no doubt NOT go to saving the planet. 

I don't know about you, but I certainly don't sort every piece of junk mail for "recycling" and nor do I clean out items like mayonnaise or peanut butter jars that are messy and time consuming to get to a recyclable state.  So, if I have an infraction like that for one item, would I be subject to a $100 fine?

Perhaps the green police can recycle some cherry bombs while they melt down their cans and bottles for reprocessing!

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  1. lol, wow. what if you don't have anything to recycle? what if you reuse and repurpose normally recycled items?