15 September 2010

Conservatisim vs Nutty vs Leftists; Adios Mike Castel

Mike W. from Another Gun Blog (noted Delawarean) had a short blurb this morning about his state's Republican Senate nominee. 

Over on his comments I opined that this is a win for the movement despite what the talking heads like Rove and Krauthammer are saying last night and this morning.  Here are my thoughts cleaned up for clarity...

First:  A liberal RINO is not better than a liberal democrat especially in clear instances when the RINO is defeatable.  They [RINOs] hurt us when we go to the polls for elections and the enemy can say "look, they're progressive, why isn't the rest of their party!" 

Second:  Castle was a sure vote against us at every key opportunity.  Let the democrat (if he wins) shoulder that vote, and then run against that record.  This was a special election for the remainder of Bidden's seat, which means whoever wins the general election will only have four years in that seat.  Further, their record in the Senate will start on November the 3rd for the lame duck session of congress.  IF Delawareans favor cap and tax or Obamacare, then let the Dem vote for it!

Third:  By some small stroke of miracle, perhaps O'Donnell does win in the general.  Sure, she has some baggage but so does every other damned politician.  I could care less if she just got her degree or she was fired from a job.  I don't care whether she was a lesbian that did hookers and crack as long as she admitted to it when confronted about it or even disclosed it up front.  By dealing with theses skeletons in her closet as they've appeared, she tells me that she isn't a career politician with a predisposition to lie.  That would make her of a higher caliber that most politicians like Castle that run to the right, lying their ass off, only to turn around and besmirch us in the country class every damned legislative vote.  As long as he's [Castle] is taking care of his buddies, getting campaign contributions, and using the congressional fringe benefits, WHO CARES who he's screwing for his personal gains (in his own little mind). 

Fourth (and not posted on Mike W's blog):  Yeah, O'Donnell is a bit bat nuts.  She has personally issues, but has stayed focused on the issues.  Hell, I'm sure if you dug into the backgrounds of any private sector CEO you would find they've been fired once or twice, probably used questionable office funds for personal benefit, gamed the tax code to their advantage (legally and sometimes illegally), may or may not have any run-ins with the law for drug and alcohol use, and have probably sued a former employer for any number of reasons including wrongful termination and emotional distress.  Saying these things does not make me an O'Donnell appologist, but it points out that she herself is human, and true to form the RNC establishment allowed a non-principled, career politician to attack a fellow party member beyond the issues.  After all, we're looking for honesty and the ability to undo the 80 years of Washington destruction, what the hell do we have to loose given the present course? 

Fifth:  RINO apologists and the RNC SHUT UP!  You lost.  Yes, this puts a damper on this year's conquest to win control of the Senate, but all we need is a solid 41 votes to be able to hold up debate and prevent them from breaking filibusters.  I would rather stymie the progress in the Senate while being able to have principled voting records to run on when there are even more Dem Senate seats up for grabs in 2012. 

Last:  Even the talking heads in Washington are concerned that the rising tide might sweep them out to sea in just two months.  I'll take this win, even if it means a "sure" loss here in two months.  Remember, O'Donnell has done the improbably once already. 

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