08 September 2010

FLASH! Senate Judiciary Hearing on "Firearms in Commerce?"

FLASH:  It appears that the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to hold a hearing on "Firearms in Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process" next week on Tuesday, September 14th.  (Drudge has the only link I can find at this point, and not even the good people at Free Republic have any links or details). 

What in the world could this be?  OpenCongress.org has no info on anything other than the HR 1074 which is the "Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act.  That bill, and it's companion senate bill S 556 (haha, how appropriate, I wonder if the anti's even figured that one out) are being sponsored by Steve Scalise and David Vitter, respectfully.  Both are from Louisiana and have extremely high ratings from the NRA on bills voted on and introduced, so it's not like these are the bills that the current Judiciary Committee will be willing to push to the floor of the Senate. 

So, that leaves the question of why this would come on the docket around election time.  What are the motives?  Does the Judiciary Committee vet potential treaties (along with the Foreign Relation's Committee) as well as Congressional legislation? 

The good news is, my Senator is on the committee so I will be calling his office today to get some answers (or lies, more appropriately).

Updates to come. 

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