10 September 2010

QOTD: Rant Style (Government Stupidity and GPS Trackers)

This morning, while on my way to work I received a phone call from my wife...
Here is my rant of the day, are you ready for this?  The government wants to put GPS trackers on our vehicles to track our every move, but when you call 911 to report a fire along the side of the road, they don't know where the hell mile marker 4 is on the interstate!   I can't believe they asked me where mile marker 4 was on the interstate!  They also asked me what county it was in!
So, even when you do your good deed for the day, you still want to go face-palm because of the stupidity of the government official.  Additionally, the ineptitude of those with "power" eludes to the potential corruption of an expanded Big Brother state.  It wouldn't have matter what county mile marker four was in along the interstate that my wife travels, because it's a non-changing standard of measure.

Sure, she may have bounced off of a different jurisdiction's cell tower, but even if that is the case, how hard is it to quickly Google map that and figure out which jurisdiction it does belong.  Further more, an EMS operator should know something about inter-jurisdictional issues and hand-offs, no?   What is worse is that if an EMS offical, who is supposed to be concise, speedy, and knowledgeable for handling emergency situations can't calculate or comprehend geographical problems, how in the world are we to trust other bureaucrats to calculate our "mileage" allowance for carbon emissions taxation? 

Hence the reason the wife had to give me her ROTD (rant of the day) on continued government absurdity and backwardness.


  1. Of course there was also the recent SCOTUS ruling which held that it was Constitutional for the cops to sneak onto your property and attach a GPS tracking device to your vehicle (parked in your driveway!)

    All in the name of The War on (Some) Drugs.

  2. Actually, I covered that, and it wasn't the SCOTUS that ruled on that but the 9th Circus.