09 September 2010

Quran Burning vs. Christian Hating

Let's get some things straight!  What's worse, 50 no-name church members whom the media should have ignored for their radical agenda to desecrate another religion (which, by the way is the epitome of intolerance and non-christian ways) or 200 American flag burning, christian hating Islamo-fascists chanting in Afghanistan? 

Obviously, if you are the sane, liberal, moderate, or even a conservative American, you probably feel that the morons in Florida are doing nothing good with their little political stunt.  (Noticed that I called it a political stunt).  Sure, they have a right to speak out against Islam as not being a true religion because in their minds Christianity is the only religion, but here they have just created the same whacked out philosophy that the Islamo-fascists use for their jihad.  Further, the dolts in the media give these morons credibility and credence.  If the statist-dino-media members weren't so in the tank for Obama's American destruction agenda, they would have never brought this to the forefront of national attention.  Coverage of said Quran burning affords more dead soldiers to Obama (increasing his clout to get them out of Afghanistan), as well as his ultimate goal of diminished validity to spirituality's role in the American civil society. 

So, back to the original point, what's worse?  Fifty whack jobs that will go away in a few weeks, never to be heard from again, or nearly one-billion extremists in the making?  The Quran burning event hasn't even happened yet and the outrage from the Islamonut world is already in a fever-pitch, decrying Death to Christians, Death to the infidels, fire on Zion, and any other battle cry they have.  Yet it was inappropriate for us to question their motives in where they wanted to put a mosque near ground zero as their historical, religious war, victory marker?  EHRRRRNT!  Sorry.  Not even close.

When a people's political system encourages outright war on non-believers and the brainwashed masses are empowered to believe death is a great sacrifice, it seems we need to modify their behavior.  The pastor's act is deplorable at best and certainly immoral even on a Christian metaphysical level, but so too is war against a country's people who just want to be left the hell alone.  If the kiddies in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon want to play nice in the sandbox, we will as well.  But, if beheading people for drawing cartoons of Mohammad or worse, just simply believing in Christianity doesn't fit in with your fawta, then consequences of your actions are on you. 

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