24 September 2010

Restoring Sanity to Clown Car Hearings, Commedy Central Hosts Washington's Power Couple

Last week, we learned that Comedy Central's, Daily Show host Jon Stewart, is planning his own "rally" in Washington to "Restore Sanity."  All I have to say about this is that I hope Stewart can find enough macro lens cameras to film all the crickets that show up for his ratings stunt.  He fails to realize a few key things in his effort to neutralize the tea partiers. 

First, Jon Stewart believes that there are enough moderates to draw a million people to his "Restoring Sanity" rally when in reality the tea party movement is the "moderate" movement of this era.  It will be hard for the Daily Show host to drawn that many people when he has to contend with 500,000 or more numbers that have attended three or four major rallies in the District in the last 2 years.  Second, when you become the target of TV popularity in the easiest to manipulate 18-30 viewership crowd, I guess that's when you know that the tea party movement is really the mainstream movement and not "extreme."  Last, if Stewart can draw a million people to his ratings coup, they will not be moderates; they will be leftists.  The moderates will still be at home sitting on their hands just like the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 split of the colonists during the Revolution.  Moderates are de facto "leave me the hell alone, but I'm to carefree to get involved" libertarians, since they primarily sit on the fence waiting for others to make the hard decisions. 

Then we come to today where Stephen Colbert takes on the House Judiciary Committee for their hearing on  immigration.  Posing as an investigative reporter who has covered "migrant workers," Colbert certainly does his best to insult congress' intelligence but he falls very short considering congress has no intelligence to insult.  Even though John Conyers saw the trap, he was not smart enough to outwit the satire artist at his own field craft and Colbert was able to do what he does best by making the Capital Hill idiots look like, well, idiots.  The unfortunate thing here is that our elected representatives let themselves be completely DUPED by a professional comedian.  I think it is safe to say that we officially have the dumbest congress in the history of the country!  That, in and of itself, is NOT something for which to be proud. 

So how does all of this tie together?  Simple.  One network; Two comedians; Two completely insane publicity stunts; And an American public that is left with a completely exposed, pompous government that the ratings whores knew how to exploit for their personal gain.  Kudos Stewart and Colbert, you've figured out the American dream of gaming the system.  Isn't being "extreme" grand for your wallets boys? 

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