14 September 2010

Slice of Life: Ravens Win!

How 'bout dem Cowboys.  Err, well, they lost.  How 'bout dem Bungles.  Err, well, they lost as well.  How about those Charm City Ravens?  ATTA BOY!

Yes, there is a part of me that enjoys the fine things in life, of which beer, wings and football are one of them.  Better still, thank the good lord that my wife is also a homegrown, hometown Ravens fan (and kudos to her sports minded, mind that understands the game even)!

While I dislike Monday Night Football for my team, the national attention, the fanfare, and tradition are always nice to take in, even if it was from the couch in front of my TV.  There is just something about the added trash talking, smash-mouth, buckle up yo chin strap football that is on display.  So, for 60 football minutes, I was able to ignore politics, ignore economics, ignore everything except yelling at the TV to say "HOLD ON TO THE BALL," which my black-birds did everything in their power to ignore.  I would have liked to have seen a bit more scoring by Baltimore, but fortunately, you don't get style points for rankings in the NFL.  U-G-L-Y wins are still wins.

Points to take away from the game?
  • Flacco had one glaring mistake, and didn't exactly set the world on fire, hopefully he settles in with a "normal" Sunday routine for the remainder of the season
  • Defense was pretty stout against the run, and the pass rush was better thus far.  
  • Blitzing:  B-more D-cord still is adverse to the blitz, but did get after it a few times which hurried a young QB.  I hope we see more of that as the season progresses
  • Receivers:  We've got a bunch of gems finally!  
  • Progress:  Week 1 to Week 2 you should see the most improvement, hopefully limiting the miscues will be the biggest area Baltimore fans will see.  
As the ESPN commercial goes, is it Sunday yet?


  1. Go Ravens & Flacco!

    Honestly though, I have a soft spot for Andy Hall. I wish he'd been as successful in the pro's as Flacco has been.

  2. Who doesn't have a soft spot for Andy Hall! I assume that you were already a Blue Hen when we made it to that championship game? We had a far better defense back in '03 instead of '06.

    I'm also guessing that you're an Eagles fan too?

    Seems that Hall is still playing football, now in the AFL2. Huh, learn something every day.