02 October 2010

Castro on Guns, circa 1959

We have all too frequently heard the phrase that if we do not study history, we are often doomed to repeat the misfortunes of its errors.  More so when history is in a modern form, as the chance to learn from those errors are too fresh in our minds and too easily dismissed to poor implementation rather than poor theory, principle, and asinine institutions.  Obviously, the worse the atrocity against freedom (specifically the right to personal defense and arms), the more quickly the lesson can be forgotten by those whom wish to wield great power.   

Hence our good buddy FerFal down in Argentina came across an archived speech from Cuba, circa 1959, which expresses Castro’s desire to have the counter revolutionaries “turn in their guns and stop smuggling them into caches.”  (You can see FerFal’s own thoughts on this speech here).  

It’s an interesting read, once you get passed the communist propaganda, but it does give us great insight into the minds of a despot and their attitudes towards the ability of the commoners to defend their freedom.  It is truly the same sad song that the gun-grabbers here in the USA use, stating that "why use violence when we can critically think and talk about our problems.”  Even better, Castro appeals to his audience members and revolutionaries that arms are not necessary to the individual, even though his “freedom fighters” used them to over throw the Cuban government.  (Paraphrasing here)  "If we want to solve problems now, we have a free press and a freer society than yesterday with which to solve problems.  If the people want us to go, please ask us and we shall leave."  Real rich philosophy right there. 

These are the lessons throughout the course of history that us armed patriots have taken note of and point to and respond with “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.”  In death, freedom reigns, under despotism, and even soft tyranny, there is no freedom.

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