09 October 2010

Remington Upgrading M24 Sniper Rifle

The tried and true Remington 700 has been a workhorse of US military sniping for almost a quarter-century.  Now, it's getting a face lift.  According to the Military Times the M24 variant will get a caliber upgrade (which will increase it's effective range), as well as a new suppressor and optics system, and a detachable box mag.  This is sure to keep your back yard sniping monkeys (author included) drooling over a tool 99.9% of us don't have a need for.

These changes come at the behest of the Tenth Mountain Division's request for a new weapon to "reach out and touch someone," with.  Considering the long engagement distances seen in the mountains of Afghanistan and the use of other, larger and further reaching calibers of our NATO allies, it was only a mater of time before the US Armed Forces got a similarly capable weapon.  Not that the .300 Winchester Magnum round will produce a new distance record in the near future, it at least provides our boys with a bit more to make the most out of their mission.

As always, to our men and women in harms way, stay safe.

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