26 November 2010

Irish Vote of No Confidence in Ruling Class

One of the reasons we focus on foreign countries and history, is for insight into what the future of our country holds.  Therefore, it is exciting to see such a great resistance of the people developing in Ireland to continued debt servitude.  

While we were busy stuffing our faces with turkey, the Irish people were busy rejecting the ruling class who has provided them with a bleak future.  On the surface, it seems that the citizens of Ireland are simply rejecting the austerity that is sure to be headed their way, but in reality (and as the earlier Daily Reckoning article eluded too) the tough Irish bastards want the EU and the Euro out of their economy.  The bailout that the EU is going to give the Keltic country isn't really a handout as much as it is a debt restructuring.  This restructuring will not really do anything for the Irish people except to decline their standard of living for a longer period of time when compared to how it will impact them if they chose to default on their debt obligations. 

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