12 November 2010

Slice of Life: As a Student of History, One Learns Everyday

History is a never ending process, and so too is its study (and committing it to memory).  Most people find history boring, insignificant, and useless but studying history is vitally important to the progress of modern society.  History impacts policy decisions which, in turn, affect our daily lives which another blogger does intelligently point out, even if in a far too misguided way.

Ms. Trunk's blog takes an almost asinine view of Veterans Day that would leave most veterans, well, dumbfounded.  "Veteran's Day should be cancelled [sic]" is the title of her post from yesterday, on a blog that seems dedicated to "career advice."  I guess we should initially assume that her "career advice" would be to stay out of the military, but we won't judge a post by its poorly spelled and grammatically incorrect headline rule following.

Instead of sounding off on this very misguided posted yesterday, I chose to take in the day's events from the comfort of my desk (since I still have to work for a living).  Yesterday I gave us some Veteran's Day thanks and more goodness that was intended to educate myself and others about the little intricacies on Remembrance day, most of which I did not personally know.  Today, we'll take that a step further as we take a look at the pictures from around the world about how troops and families, young and old, mourn eternally for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  Remember, Veteran's day is what we call it here in the USA, but it isn't just about the USA.  This day is celebrated, somberly, the world over! 

Even though Ms. Trunk does accurately state that civilians are affected by war, the harsh reality is that the terrors of war are something that neither I, nor she, will ever be able to comprehend.  While she may be correct that some veterans choose not to celebrate Remembrance Day due to the painful memories it conjures up, others choose to talk  freely and openly talk about the experience and the triumph of their efforts and safe return home.  Looking through the pictures and the linked news stories show a very different picture than the one that our off her-rocker-author paints.

In her five parts, she addresses the impact on family, the fact that soldiers don't serve their country, Vietnam Vets hated the war, recent vets go to serve their own needs (read college tuition), and even replace Veteran's Day with a national service day.  Yes, military families are a different breed having moved around a lot and having been subject to some harsh circumstances.  True, FDR tried NOT to fight in WWII, but we were attacked by Japan who was Germany's ally (of course we'll save the "we knew" argument for another day).  Trunk repeats the anti-war / liberal generalization about Vietnam Vets that is totally debunked by this photo alone!  A Marine (once a Marine always a Marine) coworker of mine was VERY appreciative of my well wish's for the Corps' Birthday and Vet's day on back to back days (and he certainly isn't my parents age)!  National Service day?  Seriously?  That's called Labor Day, and we already have one communist holiday in our country.

No, Veteran's day cannot be cancelled (sic)!  While I will defend Ms. Trunk's right to write obnoxious, irrational, political garbage, she should not purport herself as being a "career advising" blogger.  If you want to be taken seriously on the political aspect, write a separate blog!  Obviously, this is why myself and friend

1918.  For my coworker friend, and Marine, Semper Fi!  Happy Veteran's Day for the second day in a row! 

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