01 December 2010

Bobby Bowden Coaching Biggest Bowl Game Yet

According to the Military Times, legendary Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden will be coaching the most important game of his career.

Bowden is set to travel to an undisclosed, military location where he and Coach Gene Stallings will oppose one another in a flag football game where the troops are the stars.  Dubbed the Connect to Home Bowl, Tostitos and the USO have teamed up to bring a slice of life from the states to our service men and women stationed abroad. 

No matter who the victor, there is one thing that I can say for certain, this will be the nastiest, grittiest, most entertaining flag football game ever played.  Tune into the halftime show of the Fiesta Bowl on 1 January 2011 for a glimpse as to how this Bowl turns out.  So, GO ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, AIR FORCE, and COAST GUARD!  Have a good game, and keep it clean! 

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