17 December 2010

Finance Friday Fail (on Your Author's Part)

Forgive me dear reader, I haven't been that focused this week.  I failed to generate a Finance Friday post, so here is my haphazard attempt to satisfy your taste buds.

Reuters has an in depth look at the Sick Man of the World.  Needless to say, it is quite somber in nature, as well as well written. 

The WaPo has a liberal's look at taxes and the war.  While I disagree with their lefitst agenda, I do have to ask the same question that the editorial directs us towards:  How can we afford it?  Short answer, we can't. 

Ron Paul:  Cane to Bernanke's Able, in a good way.  I can't wait for those sub committee hearings.  I'm sure we will have to come up with a drinking game of some sort.  (Note to self and readers, taking suggestions on rules for this starting, NOW). 

A Conservative's View on QE Justifaction:  While quantitative easing is deplorable, National Review Online has a take on how it was justified.  Make sure you wear your gas mask because the stench crawls through the intarwebs!

Finally, one interesting task for you dear reader, Google the Baltic Dry Index, and watch as the shipping prices do their best two step (down ward) since late July. 

Enjoy your Finance Friday!  More in depth stuff next week. 

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