23 December 2010

Net Neutral: The Coming War

Do you YouTube in the morning?  What about Twitter at lunch, Facebook for breakfast, or Netflix at suppertime?  Perhaps you even Hulu in the afternoon?  Or do you Drudge yourself to work after Free Republic'ing your way out of bed?  Do you eat your Apple apps for lunch or do you prefer to let your Droid automate them for you?

Well, whatever you do on the internet is now destine for failure; the Goreacle will not be happy.

Yes, that's right, Net Neutrality is here!  HOORAY!  From the makers of al carte Obamacare health care reform, we now have a brand new, illegal framework within the Fed Gov that will be controlling our 1s and 0s.  I can assure you that I am thrilled!  (Sarcasm induced thrilled that is).
A high-ranking Homeland Security official says the agency will protect Americans' civil liberties and privacy while it partners with the military to protect the nation's computer networks.
An agreement with the military announced two weeks ago "in no way changes our respective departments' promises to protect civil liberties and privacy," Rear Adm. Michael Brown said Wednesday at the National Symposium on Homeland Security and Defense in Colorado Springs.

When you have statements from DHS like this above, it does not exactly inspire confidence that the content will not be corrupted, monitored and shut down.  We see exactly how the big banks treat our money and how the Federal Reserve steals from the US taxpayers, so should we really be trusting an FCC that will act in concert with big Telecom to create a data structure hierarchy?  I'm sure China will not be thrilled with the competition they will now face in who rules the internet.

Further, is it hard to imagine such a vote coming only weeks after a major story in Wiki Leaks broke?  True, the FCC's chair has been pushing for net-non-neutrality for close to a year, but could the timing of Julian Assange's docu-drop been any more well timed?  Yes, it is potentially just a conspiracy theory in its infancy, but considering the Christmas gift we received from the Obama Presidency a year ago in the dark of night of a holiday, is this a truly far fetched reality?  Quite possibly not, but that is up to you to decide dear reader.

I will close by saying that if the telecoms intend to limit speech, data usage, and or filter content in any way, technology, hackers, and other freedom bloggers will not be stopped.  Freedom will not cease to exist merely because some madmen with a power fetish refuse to yield to the will of the majority.  No, we will continue to expose them for the bigoted parasites that they are, and for as long as necessary to achieve a return to our Constitutional Republic. 

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