10 December 2010

QOTD: Free Education Should Start with $50k for Calculators

Always good for at least one quote a week, AK Fan has found a way to solve the education riots and budgetary problems in the UK: 
I think the [UK] government should spend $50k for calculators and hand them out to the crowd along with a copy of the budget.  Tell them their first free education lesson will be to balance the budget without either spending cuts or fee increases.
Seems like it would put the students to work in far more productive ways than this.  I hate to quote someone so often but when they are right so often, it's hard not to quote them.  With austerity shaping up to take hold in PIIGS, England, and even the USA in 2011, it's hard not to see such events escalating and worsening before they get better. 

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas world!  Hope you are enjoying your sovereign presents! 

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