24 December 2010

Religion of Peace? Not So Fast My Friend!

Islam is the Religion of Peace?  Really?  I can't fathom that assessment from this news story and accompanying poster. 

Apparently the Muslim faith has produced a new 12 days of Christmas for us to gaze upon.  Well, sorry there Jihad Jane, that just ain't gonna fly in this country.  So, take your non-pork eating, Christmas hating, alcohol deflecting, non-debt using, oil scamming, oppium trading, homicide bombing ass back to the stone age and leave me to my religion of peace. 

Oh, and if ya don't...I'll hunt ya down and kill ya dead twice as good as your imam will ever instruct you to do. 

I find it rich that a bunch of Islamofascists can blame Christmas, Christ, and the Christian faith for things like domestic violence.  Hello Pot, meet Mr. Kettle!  Real rich!  Last I checked, bigotry, polygamy, rape, and murder are all acceptable punishments for non-believe, or even the non-compliance with the Sharia Laws. 

I guess that is all we should expect from the radical bastards that are hell bent on restoring Persia to it's place at the top of the empirical food chain. 

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