01 September 2010

ABSURD! Reality of Our Country

Even in absence from publishing, I am on the watch for good stories and other items that will provoke my readers' neurons into firing at unprecedented levels.  Well, really I just want you to think a little more critically about your surroundings. 

Unfortunately what surrounds us is the title for this post; absurdity.  Every new day there is a story that completely makes myself go "face-palm" and wonder how we have let our country degrade into such tumult.  Mark Styne sitting in for Limbaugh today used the Space Balls line "LUDICROUS SPEED" today and yesterday, Say Uncle finally gave me the headline story to run with the absurd post title.  While I am not shocked that a citizen got tossed from a city council meeting for rolling their eyes at their elected officials, it does make me feel disgusted that such stupidity reigns from those in charge of the asylum.  More "new normal" that must be created in an effort to destroy the traditional civil society. 

The more that we see these absurd stories, the less sensitive we become too them, or at least that is the theory from the establishment.  For the last five or so years, many people have heard the life cycle of the republic, but never did I realize just how far along the decent into servitude we have slipped until I awoke to pay great attention about my surroundings.  Yes, I'm sure some of you are saying "but we're still better off and you're just over reacting," but ask yourself how it is we can go from an outrageous headline to outrageous headline.  Go pull up the DrudgeReport on any given hour of any given day and you'll find several topics that want to make you shake your head in shame.  From the linked city council meetings, to immigration, to GPS trackers, to the First Family's gallivanting, to capital hill, to town hall and back, it is not hard to be completely amazed (not shocked but amazed) at the transgression away from our National founding.  Mostly our forefathers wanted to be left alone, now we would gladly pay hard earned money for added privacy! 

Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss, but education of the situation is far worse; it drives ya down right nuts at times.  Until we have fully corrected a new return to Constitutional governance, I doubt we will ever feel completely secure in our lives from absurd news.  Perhaps, the colonials felt the same way up until the point they said enough is enough.  Either way, we have found a normal that is not acceptable to the majority of people in this country as we are seeing the start of a second "Reagan Awakening."  Let us just hope that this one is not squandered in the ways the 80s were.  Our non-frugality has almost assured us this one will have to be different. 

Please, if you find more absurd stories, send them my way to wherespatton (at) gmai (dot) com.

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