13 December 2010

Unpossible: French Armed Teen Takes Nursery Schoolers Hostage (Updated)

From the land of the original unarmed pacifists (read French), a 17 year old teenager armed with swords has taken a classroom full of nursery school children, hostage. 

This seems to be completely unpossible since owning a sword gun in France is nearly impossible for the average citizen.  Shouldn't this have protected the poor and innocent children?  I'm sure that they will have to deal with this fear for the rest of their lives!  Oh the horrors! 

On a serious and non-sarcastic policy note, I do hope that the children that still remain in the control of this mad-kid will be rescued safely and swiftly.  I certain hope that none of these children will suffer from emotional distress and PTSD from an event like this for the rest of their lives.  Though as part of the gun / freedom blogging world, I always feel the need to point out the hypocrisy of the statists and their inabilities to control the crazies that mean to do us harm.  Just more facts that policy does not influence behavior, but behavior modification via freedom, self defense, and consequences can and will defend life and liberty.

UPDATEDThe situation has ended with no loss of life, including the hostage taker.  Seems that the young man was in need of some mental help and unfortunately, chose the wrong way to cry out for it.  All is well that ends well I suppose.

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