29 January 2011

Automatic Weapons Are the Problem!

The week after the Giffords attack, Maryland's 2nd Congressional District Congressman, Dutch Ruppersberger, joined the Norris & Davis Show to discuss the event and, obviously, guns.

You can catch the whole interview right here.

Of course, even though a semi-automatic pistol was the culprit of the crime (emphasis added), the Congressman wasted little effort to perpetuate the myth that it was fully automatic.  Of course, the Congressmen also wasted little effort on saying that automatic weapons should not be in the hands of law abiding citizens (well, paraphrased anyways).

I was shocked to hear that Ruppersberger supported concealed carry!  However, his name is absent from the cosponsor list on the House version of the Thune Amendment.  Shocker, a politician that speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Nice try Dutch Wonder Boy, but ya ain't foolin' no one!

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