30 January 2011

QOTD: Equality of Law

From Mark Styne sitting in for Limbaugh yesterday (and I paraphrase):
With equality of the law, you don't need 2,000 page bills!  Equality of the law can be written in 2 pages!  Carving out favors and exemptions is what creates bad law that is longer than Atlas Shrugged.  [embellished for effect]
Even without my embellishment, the key point is 2,000 pages of words versus 2 pages of words to define a law.  Carving out exemptions, favors, and other classes of people is inequality of law by nature, and helps the state to turn law abiding citizens into un-law abiding citizens.  It's a tool that freedom haters have used for centuries, and the sad fact is, it continues to be affective.

No matter if the issue is health care or firearms, complex bills that take specialized lawyers to comprehend cost the citizens of this country not only in terms of economic output and productivity, but they deprive honest citizens of their literal freedom and the means for opportunity.  Too bad no one has proposed a "clarity in legislation" Constitutional Amendment, but then again, that would be too effective in keeping the Congresscritters in check.

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