27 January 2011

QOTD: Wife's Perspective on Cell Phones & Sink Holes

Between the weather, work, and recovering from skiing this past weekend, (and staying up to watch the SOTU and the Paul Ryan response), I'm a little out of sorts.  (Well, dear reader, perhaps you are learning that I am always a little out of sorts).

My wife, a civil engineer by trade, and the apolitical women that she is, actually watched 3/4s of the SOTU with me on Tuesday evening.  In doing so she made me LOL at this:
Great, so...let me get this straight?  What the President just said was that we are failing at maintaining our existing infrastructure and we are lagging behind in creating new infrastructure, but don't worry, we'll give you a free government cell phone so you can call for help when you fall into a massive sink hole?  How does that solve our infrastructure problem? 
Well, even the apolitical, sometimes liberal, sometimes conservative citizen can see through the smoke and mirrors of the big .gov.  I swear, there is hope to make her into a conservative / libertarian yet!  

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