01 February 2011

Goreacle Off His Rocker: Warming to Blame for Snow!

I shouldn't even link to this, but in reality, it's too good not to link!  The Goreacle (aka Al Gore, aka Algore) has stated on his blog that massive snow storms are due to "the warming." 

I'm not sure who died and made this hypocrite the spokesmen of the planet, but I'm pretty sure (and even as he admits) it takes cold f'ing air to make snow.  Cold is the opposite of warm, and can typically be associated with winter.  However, when seasons get in the way of agenda, don't let that slow ya down. 

Though, as a skier, I don't mind the powder, but I certainly hate the ice storms.  Maybe the windbag from Tennessee can be so kind to blow a little of his hot air up here to Marylandstan.

NOTE:  Mr. Gore does not enable comments on his blog, so as to provide balance, we will enable people to post comments here. 

1 comment:

  1. I just want to know when he acquired the science degree that allows him to make such statements as fact.