10 February 2011

Thoughts on Apple iARs

If you're a follower of gun blogs, no doubt you've seen this and this, and perhaps this.

As others are saying with the whole "Uses proprietary ammo. Shuts off when shooting unapproved targets," those thoughts aren't completely unfounded.  In the gun community, should we be concerned that this is a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Let us considering this; Steve Job's campaign contributions over various election cycles for the past 20 years.  It ain't pretty.  From Fox:
“Steve Jobs is Democratic-leaning based on who he gives money to and what he says. And Jobs has never let it be known how he votes, but he supports Democratic causes and has contributed about $225,000 to Democrats since the 1980s,” McDonald told FoxNews.com.  While Jobs may appear Democratic, Apple's policies are simpler, he said: "They promote what's going to make them the most money.”
And for what it's worth, former Vice President Al Gore is also on the Apple board of directors.
Obviously, the list has some pretty unfriendly names upon it, including good old Dead Fish very prominently at the top.  So what is the end game here?

Obviously, being a free market guy, I have no problem with Jobs and company trying to make a buck.  Admittedly, my wife is an iPhone geek and a Mac user, and perhaps I'm becoming a convert, but what merrying of computer and guns will we see from Apple?  Should we have to worry about a push of technology for "smart guns."  With Jobs' billions and seemingly political clout, what new front does this acquisition of Saber Defense present to the gun rights movement? 

Obviously, this announcement should be treated with a bit of skepticism at first, but perhaps we will see innovative products that will permeate through out our armed forces, and thus, into the hands of the civilian market.  Until we see any changes from the Saber Defense portion of Apple's portfolio, we should proceed with caution, and hopeful optimism.  However, let us put Jobs on notice that pushing products that are contrary to the protected and functional meaning of the 2A, and then further using his clout and the legislative process to game the economic system to his advantage, will absolutely not be tolerated. 

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  1. I'd actually think in the opposite direction. What if apple buys Saber and just shuts them down, only making parts and such for weapons they already own. I can't see Apple getting into the firearm/warfare business, at all.

    Anyway, good luck to Apple, I'd be interested to see what they could do with a firearm and how long it would take geeks to Hackintosh it.