27 March 2011

Civilty (Codeword for Lib Rage) + Sad Panda Alert = Attack Against Researcher

I'm not 100% certain why the left likes to attack people whom produce alternative views and statistics (considering they are soooooooooooo tolerant), but their vitriol knows, no bounds. 

Paul Krugman is a douche extraordinary that wishes he had 1/10th of 1% of John R. Lott's credibility.  Besides, Mr. Lott actually has a degree in economics and doesn't just shill for the Gray Lady.

(Note:  I don't care of Krugman actually has an econ degree, graduate degree, or PhD, he's a Keynesian putz that has dedicated his blog, columns and other print materials towards ever more print, borrow, and spend policies in a hope that eventually, when capitalism falls, he and his socialist buddies can implement their leftist Bolshevik revolution). 

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