28 March 2011

Limiting Impact of Speech

While most libertarians would agree that SCOTUS properly ruled in favor of the Westboro Batnuts earlier this year, I for one believe that we can limit the impact of their antics.  (Since the press seems to give them limitless attention that they don't deserve).  

Now, Carol County (and maybe even the whole state) is poised to limit the ability of the Batnuts to protest at funerals by increasing the "buffer zone" distance for permitted speech.

I know that in this posting, there is a bit of contradictions and irony, but that is a fraud I am willing to commit.  If SCOTUS says we have no right to sue for monetary damages based upon the brash and indigent speech that is spewed forth by that of Westboro, then the families of fallen soldiers, popular celebs, or anyone that dies tragically with enough media attention should have the ability to not be subjected to speech they don't wish to see or hear.  In that, we are not limiting the ability of the turds to drone their message, but the state can and should restrict their ability with which to use public lands (road right of ways and sidewalks, ect) to protest.

This is truly a compelling interest in its purist form, and one that is fully supported by a majority of the people.  The scope of such a limit does not impact the ability of the attention whores to whore before the cameras for the depraved press, but it does make sure that police officers don't have to stop any vigilante justice seekers from Molotov Cocktail-ing the rejects all the way back to their "pearly gates."  While as we hear the likes of the anti-gun movement shout for common sense restrictions, this prime example of restrictions which are temporary and benign towards enumerated civil rights does protect the rights of both classes of individuals; something that anti-gunners don't seem to be bothered with.

No matter what Carol County and the State of Maryland do, I'm sure these Westboro Batnuts will be back through the state, trying to seek attention.  Should they attempt to breach any buffer zone intended to prevent their harm towards a fellow man, then I certainly wish God to strike them down through some fine lighting bolts of furry from above (and not through the vigilante justice implied could happen above).  After all, irony is a dish best served cold.

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