19 March 2011

Pres That Would Restore Standing, Reinforces More World Sitting

Gibbs already jumped ship, and now that Hillary-Girl is set to do the same, it would seem that the greatest president to form a coalition of the willing since President Lincoln, might be loosing a little bit of polish on the turd. 

In recent weeks we have seen the President's ability to be a fluid and dynamic decision maker in the face of the chaotic world simply be, well, simple, ineffective, and uninformed.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the foreign media is really taking him to task on his lack of leadership.  (Perhaps they can take him to task on his golf habit, or his success and failure at picking the NCAA B-Ball Champs).

Something tells me that the geopolitical-economic crises will continue to degrade over the next 2 years as we wait for the worst president ever to finally leave office.  Let us just hope that someone on the other side of the political isle isn't completely stupid and wants to push the non-crisis solving issues of right-wing social issues (you know like gay marriage, abortion, and God in schools).  Serious reforms are needed now as our republic hangs on the debt cliff before we can worry about spending political capital on the outlier issues.

I know what the response will be "but Reagan didn't compromise on his principles!"  Ahhh, yeah he kinda did at times, and further, no one is saying that we should abandon those principles, we just shouldn't die on our own swords at this time.  Retreat in war, while sometimes construed as cowardice, is in fact a smart (and or) diversionary tactic.  The namesake of this blog has a famous quote:
A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week. 
As General Patton explains, we have good plans now to fix the major issue, and we should NOT wait to execute them to perfectly execute one with the social issues. 

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