18 April 2011


That's what I'll be doing (within the limits of the law of course!).  

Last Monday, was the last day of the 90 day Maryland Legislative session.  Of course, the session could not be complete without the Dem dominated make up passing some kind of tax scheme and scheme they did!  In passing a bill that will shoot the alcohol tax up from 6% to 9% effective July 1, 2011.  Of course, any good scheme wouldn't be complete without claiming to help the needy, and then divert the raised revenues to politically expedient, vote buying jurisdictions in the form of "education" funds.
Of $47.5 million of first-year revenue to be doled out for school construction, $43 million goes to the larger, more Democratic counties in the state. Baltimore, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties would each receive $9 million if signed into law by O’Malley. 
The above continues to prove that Maryland, like it's FedGov cousin, continually has a spending problem and not a revenue problem! 

So, yes dear reader (and the state of Maryland, since I'm sure you're watching) I can assure you I will be participating in this tax as little as legally possible.  I will not be transporting any alcohol from our neighboring states for financial gain, but only for personal consumption.  Meaning, I intend to drink anything bought out of state and returned to Maryland.  No gifts will be provided to friends and family, and no distributions (except to my liver and kidneys) will be made for compensation or non-compensation.  Further, I will be making all my beer and wine purchases before this regressive tax is imposed on July 1. 

I guess it's time to figure out a good home brewing setup; suggestions are welcome. 

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  1. Or you could just have a good friend that lives really, really close to Delaware make your purchases for you....and he even has a beer fridge to keep the stuff cold! ;)