10 May 2011

New Posts Are Coming...

Dear readers, I'm assuming you've noticed the pattern.  I have energy to post, and blitz you into education submission, and then fall off the face of the earth for a bit. 

Frankly, lately, all the news has been so horrid, I have not had the motivation to write.  So, this week, you will see some new posts, with new material, along with old dated news items.  Throw the Maryland Monday and Finance Friday topic days out the window, while I try to publish things I've wanted to write.  We'll get back to a "format" once the back log is done. 

A personal note...I missed out on the NRACon and wish I had been there.  Hopefully the next time it comes back east (or into a State that I'd like to travel to), I'll block out my schedule to make it. 

So, hello and welcome back! 

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