29 May 2011

SHTF List & a Thought for Twister Victims

We should ALL be better preppers!  (Full disclosure, I am guilty of not being as prepared as some people out there, but certainly not in the bottom 50%).

In light of all the twisters lately, I'm sharing this list that I happened across eons ago.  The top 100 items to disappear first in a national emergency.  Needless to say, I've got some catch up to do.

 Today has been a busy day between blogging, reading the news, actually being productive at work, and day dreaming about the weekend.  It was very easy to get caught up in listening to talk radio (and then some Jawaiian Music) and just kinda bypass our fellow citizens afflicted by some huge natural disasters.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the tornado outbreaks of the last few weeks.  I cannot imagine the pain and suffering some of you are going through.  I hope you find solace and comfort in the support of your friends and family, and the generosity of the American people. 

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