25 June 2010

Team USA, the time is now!

As I start this blog, I must keep a sort of self promise. A few weeks ago, a cousin told me to find some extra joy in my life and stop ranting on facebook about politics. I will save the rest of the founding of this thing for anther time but you now have the context for this post.

The youtube video linked in the post title can't come at better time for myself, and perhaps our country. While you may see me call out the political establishment, I have to remind myself that life has a lot of dreams to be chased. The gents of USA Soccer are doing exactly that. The thing is the whole of the country needs a distraction and something to grab onto to truly feel united. Will futbol spelled weird grab hold and stay caught on here once the world cup is over? Who knows. Heck even my wife has made me a true fan of the sport going back to last years ConfedCup.

The point is, watch the vid knowing the outcome that your country just did basically what it was supposed to do, advance. Then watch it again and let yourself get lost in the raw shock, disappointment, and pure overwhelming joy that was witnessed with friends and stranges alike. You may not like the sport but it is evident that it has a way of uniting a country with great pride, history, and the ability to do anything it wishes if one just dreams a bit.


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