23 June 2010

To Congressman Gerrymander, RE: the "Un"budget

Yesterday, I sent this letter to my no-load congressman in regards to the fact that the lame duck congress is refusing to pass a budget. Unfortunately, in the state of Marylandstan, if you have a D after your name it seems that the useful idiots will pull the lever for you no matter what; Repeatedly.

Congressman Sarbanes rode the coat tails of his daddy's retirement (another no load) to the 3rd Congressional District of MD. Of course, it doesn't hurt matters much that the geographical make up of that district is so strewn over central Maryland that it is carved out of a leftist's dream to give the good old Dem-machine the edge every single election. I will admit, his office doesn't hang up on your like Barbara Mikulski's office does (no joke).

Needless to say, this nitwit votes with his party 99% of the time (source), and it's assured that he will do the good party thing and keep his mouth shut yet again. Don't worry about the fact that he is supposed to represent his district and do his Constitutional duty by proposing and voting for an annual budget (Article I, Section VII).

Never before in modern history has this election year tactic been executed. I guess congress doesn't want to go on record and say that they've spent some $60,000.00 US taxpayer dollars on Hookah smoking Jordanian college students? (source). Oh well, I suppose our boys in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan can keep on fighting on their last supplemental spending bill, no matter that the political leadership can't admit we've overspent the incomes of the next two generations.

We will see what kind of response the illustrious Congress Critter will grace us with this time. I'm sure he will have some staffer hand out some canned excuse replete with the usual self-shoulder-patting "I've accomplished x-y-z." Hopefully I will restrain myself not to say shove it until I punch the polling machine in November. I know you as well as I await his reply with bated breath.

Congressman Sarbanes:

I must pose a very simple question to you: Why is it that you are allowing the democratic leadership to abscond on their Constitutional and legal duty to pass a budget for the 2011 fiscal year? Are you and your colleagues afraid to go on record in an election year when some 55 to 65% of the American public is fed up with the reckless spending in Washington?

Please remember that the citizens of your district, whom hired you, expect you to do your duty and vote for a budget. Make the hard choices and please stop playing the political kick the can down the road game.


Concerned Citizen of the MD 3rd

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