22 June 2010

Welcome to "Where Has Patton Gone?"

WELCOME! And thanks for finding my blog! I am your humble host, FightinBluHen51 (FBH, ’51, or FBH51 for short). If you can’t guess from the pseudonym, I am a University of Delaware Alumnus who likes to pay tribute to my school pride and history. Since I’m sure you are now asking yourself, “Were the first 50 FightinBluHen’s taken?” the answer is no. The number 51 comes from perhaps the best fighter plane of all time, the P-51 Mustang. There isn’t much rhyme or reason to why it got added to my interweb handle, but it’s just there and it isn’t coming off anytime soon.

I am a late 20something professional accountant who has decided to join the craze of self publication. I tend to muse and more often (as I am told) rant about politics, news, and other items. I, like the name sake of this blog, consider myself a patriot. With that patriotic theme in mind, it is my hopes that while I maintain this blog I can make you scratch your brain, get over your emotions, engage your critical and rational thought processes, and make you use and apply your common sense.

With a degree in accounting, I’ve had plenty of economics, finance, math and statistics courses, but I much rather talk about politics, philosophy, and history. I promise to accept your religious and sexual choices, even though we may not agree. I am more libertarian than liberal, and I have a good streak of non-apologetic Reagan Conservative mixed in as well. I unfortunately carry an R after my name, but hold no allegiance to party affiliation. I do hold dear to the two flags of freedom; The Stars and Stripes and the Gadsden Flag. I would argue that the founders believed in nationalism, individualism, God, and not necessarily in that order.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading about history, politics, some classics, anything that is Tom Clancy, and of course my American Rifleman magazine. Yes I am a card carrying member of the NRA, and I am deemed certified to drive a boat. You can also find me on the ski slopes in the winter or at the camp grounds in the summer. I fish, I hunt, and I eat my game that's caught or killed. I also believe that gun control is being able to hit your target, and I practice often.

I am a hometown sports fan, loving my maligned Orioles and the fierce Ravens. Spring time and summer mean that lacrosse is in full swing (go Hens, Terps and Mids!). I will admit that I have become a fan of soccer over the last few years and do frequent a few Blast games a season. Being close to Washington, the United get some hometown support as well. The Heart Attack Yanks of Team USA have captivated my patriotism during this year’s World Cup, but I don’t blow on a vuvuzela. Much like the Orioles, I am a paper bag Capitals fan (can they ever just win a Cup?). That said, please join the “I hate Sidney Crosby” club, go USA Hockey!

Finally, and most importantly, what this blog is about: Somewhere deep inside the soul of a man moved to a battle field in the sky, the name behind this blog speaks to the kind of Patriot and American that seems to be long forgotten. “Where Has Patton Gone?” is meant to spark the raw emotions of a never say die, never quit American attitude that was, and I still believe is, known to win at all costs on the sides of right and freedom. I see that the civil society these days is too unaware, to uneducated and to self loathing all while requiring constant coddling and blame someone else that prevent the good people from achieving great things.

General George S. Patton didn’t believe in excuses, mistakes, or yellowness. He believed in winning at all costs, good competition, and friendly rivalry. Old Blood and Guts never wanted to stop moving. He believed that when you dug in or retreated, you proved to yourself and your enemy that you are a coward. Patton knew full well that he might fail, but to him, failure was never an option. Emboldened by his destiny, he knew that he could achieve great things, if only his human spirit was allowed by the political leadership to achieve them. That spirit is something that all Americans are born with but one that has been systematically removed from us through teaching us not to fight, not to reach for our dreams and that we are only able to “achieve” in equality.

It is my hope that through this journey here, I will be able to speak to that fiery drive that most Americans have been taught to shy away from and inspire other patriots to speak their minds, learn the ways of survival at all costs, and be role models for future generations.

Welcome to “Where Has Patton Gone?” I hope you find his spirit here.


  1. Woo! Welcome to the blogosphere. :D

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere fellow Blue Hen Alum!

    Excellent Intro post by the way. I think I'm gonna like this place.