23 July 2010

Florida Gov Seeks Constitutional Referendum on Oil Drilling

While I have a personal disdain for Charlie Christ and his flip flopping ways, I do agree with him for attempting to let the people of Florida make the choice regarding their own economy.

The irony in the situation however is, despite Florida's sixty-one billion dollar a year tourist industry, and no off shore oil exploration policy, they are now at risk to losing the tourist industry through no fault of their own.  Had the state allowed oil drilling, it would have had it's tourist industry and an oil industry in place to fall back on.  Instead, the state of Florida is now scrambling to put a ballot Constitutional referendum to see if the people want to continue the ban on offshore oil exploration, or increase their economic capacity and allow for drilling.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and we have a long way to go to be able to ascertain the impact of the BP disaster.  It will be interesting to see what the people of Florida choose for themselves in the coming weeks. 

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