24 July 2010

TSA's Full Body Scanners

Local sports talker 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore happens to have one of the best radio personalities on in the morning, former Baltimore City Police Commissioner and State Police Chief Ed Norris.  Norris always seems to use his common sense, and subscribes to the "shovel of wisdom" which attempts to whack people for their stupidity on his show.

Earlier this week, he spent a few segments covering the TSA's new full body scanners (audio from the segment here).  Some of the info being provided is seriously scary as is evidenced by this article from World Culture Picotrial's blog.

The biggest standout is the fact that these new screening machines would have failed to stop the underwear bomber from Christmas of 2009.  Further, several countries have deemed these machines as "pedophile, child porn producing" devices.  If the concept of Airport Security is to stop people from doing things that wish to cause others harm, don't you think innocent children are on the low priority list?  Further, when are we going to start training the TSA agents to act upon terrorist profiling (which is not racial) and pulling out the people who are the trouble makers.  Asking every individual wearing a sundress to submit to extra screening doesn't work when you don't additionally screen someone who's wearing a burka. 

Typical knee jerk reaction to a non-existent problem by the bloated Fed Gov.  Last I checked, it was the free market that stopped the fruit of a loom bomber (thanks Mark Steyn for that label), not the bureaucrats.

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