17 August 2010

Fed Judge Rules Missouri Funeral Protest Ban Unconstitutional

From the Military Times, a Federal judge has ruled that Missouri's ban on funeral protesting is unconstitutional.

I guess Westboro Batnut Baptist "Church" will be free to infringe upon the civil liberties of those whom have made the greatest sacrifice for this nation.  I'm not quite sure why this cult seems to get off on the notion of wacky publicity, since most cults want to remain off the grid. 

The infraction of the Judge's unconstitutional ruling is that one man's rights, stop at another man's door step.  Do the Batnuts have the right to protest "God's revenge for homos?"  Sure.  Freedom doesn't discriminate against poor taste or moronic tool bags, but not at the expense of another man's right to grieve in peace.  There are far better forums for them to decry their inbred opinions than that of a soldier's funeral. 

Alas, there are several other cases pending to shutter these rejects from disgracing honorable men that are doing ridiculously hard work and making the ultimate sacrifices, so here is to hoping that the other Judges will get it right.  I guess we'll have to question their existence and necessity of their protests if the 9th Circus, and perhaps eventually SCOTUS, rule that same sex marriage are in deed, unconstitutional as well.  Something tells me though, a favorable ruling to the Wesboro Batnuts, won't stop them from protesting. 

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