17 August 2010

Upstart Blog Goes Live! CCWStories: Pleas from Marylander's for Self Defense Rights

It is no secret that I am a concealed carry advocate.  Unfortunately, my home state illegally infringes my natural right to self defense and my enumerated right to keep and, more importantly, bear arms.  Though the Second Amendment Foundation, a local Vietnam Vet, and Alan Gura are attempting to rectify that problem, a fellow www.marylandshooters.com board member has started a new blog to change the political and legislative landscape for fellow advocates.

CCWStories will publish the stories of Marylander's who would seek handgun permits to wear and carry if the state's discretionary permitting process was changed to that of a shall issue policy.  Further, the blog owner is encouraging Marylander's with permits to detail the process they went through to obtain their permits, specifically their troubles in obtaining them, the hoops they had to jump through, or the restrictions donned upon their permit.

Non-Maryland citizens are also asked to offer stories of obtaining permits from their home states and what it is like to have the ability to exercise the right to self-defense.  Feel free to include information detailing the states you are allowed to carry in with either reciprocity agreements from your home state or non-resident permits you have obtained from other states in an effort to conceal carry nationwide.  Of course, actual stories of self defense are also welcomed! 

Most importantly, share this new blog with your friends, family and network.  It's time that the stories of law abiding citizens are published for all to see.  We have them [anti-gunners] on the run, let's show them no mercy in their retreat to the woodshed!

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