18 August 2010

House Speaker Admits to Dem AstroTurfing!

Nit wit Speaker Pelosi has just admitted that the Dems and their minions AstroTurf!  Well, ok, maybe she didn't specifically say that, but let's read between the lines.  Heard here, Madam Speaker has called for an investigation into the funding of the opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque.
"And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded."
FUNDED!??  Funded?  Really Speaker BELOW-ME?  You think that everyone that opposes you is funded by the vast right-wing conspiracy?  Perhaps you think that opposition to the Ground Zero Muslim Community Center is being funded because it is how your side operates?

Think like your enemy if you wish to defeat them, the problem being for our radical leadership, it's not so easy to think like us.  We're normal, you're not. 

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