18 August 2010

QOTD: Daily Reckoning Style

"'The predominance of the West is an anomaly in history,' Kraus goes on. 'It ended with the turn of the millennium.' It is now a “multipolar world” – in ideas and commodities. Instead of the traditional New York-London axis, the economic world will spin on different poles from Beijing to São Paulo."
All great empires, in our case an Empire of Debt, must come to an end.  Unfortunately, we are seeing a great world shift from the dominance of the Angelo-Saxin world towards that of the far east.  Nothing spectacular as it happens ever one to two thousand years, as China, Mongolia and Mesopotamia once ruled in advance of Greece and Rome societies.  Ergo the sands of time.

History, if we fail to learn it, means we are doomed to repeat it.

Special recognition to contributor AK Fan who gave me the exact same quote (almost verbatim) yesterday. 

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  1. These days it seems we're doomed to repeat it as quickly as possible.