05 August 2010

Lindsay Grahamnisty, You're a Shamnisty!

More of the same from the Washington, Ruling Elites.  Words be damned.  Meaning be damned.  Dodged questions be damned, it's simply the "game" for them.  Lindsay Graham, that's where you fit in!  All you had to do a couple weeks ago to torpedo Kagen, was vote no in the Judiciary Committee.  Instead, you sided with the liberal scums and gave her a yes vote in the hearing. 

Rules dictate (or they used to, I'm sure the radical Marxists have changed them since then) that a nominee needs at least one minority member vote to clear the committee hurdle.  Instead of Kagen's nomination dying in a proverbial fire, an activist who will write new law from the most high bench is now the newest member of SCOTUS. 

Let us hope that your decision Mr. Grahmanisty, doesn't cost the American people when it comes to repealing Obamacare through court challenges.  I know I will personally hold you responsible for this decision, and I hope the people of South Carolina do as well! 

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