05 August 2010

Now They Come for Our Lead Based Ammo

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has an Action Alert that the EPA is looking to ban ALL lead based ammunition. 

If you follow the Firearms Blog, they have had SEVERAL reports (here, here, and here, and a few others too), that this green ammo is MORE toxic than it's lead counterparts.  Wired Blog also has a story dated 20 April 2009, detailing a study that "green" training ammo has been linked to cancer causing agents.  Funny, seems that cheap lead based projectiles has been used by generations of patriots, sportsmen, and target shooters for centuries without any ill-effects.  Green ammo after, at most, a decade can't claim that. 

Follow the NSSF Action Alert for information on how to contact the EPA to voice your strong descent to this  needless regulation and backdoor ammo tax. 

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