26 August 2010

NYC Mosque vs Pentagon Prayers vs Gov Overlords

Amendment I:  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Oh the calamity!  First there was a proposed mosque near ground zero.  Then there were people who oppose the mosque.  Then there are the opposers of the opposers, and now calls for investigations into those who are in favor and those who aren't in favor of the said mosque!  Oh, and by the way, there is also a room inside the Pentagon where Muslims pray!  Forget the calamity, OH THE HUMANITY!

If you haven't read America Alone by Mark Steyn, then you should.  It will certainly help you understand what I am about to tell you in better light.  First, let us realize that peaceful Islam, even when peaceful, is nothing more than an adjunct political system that is hell bent on world domination.  Don't take my word for it, just listen to the bat nuts like the imam who is behind the NYC kick to the proverbial USA's nuts.  He will tell you that the USA has more blood on it's hands than the radical islmofascists do.  Feisal Adbul Taufand I will agree to disagree on that last doozey, simply because of the fact that I am an ignorant American.  (Sarcasm people, please read between the tea leaves). 

Look, let's get some things straight.  Number one, jihadists have brought "blood on the hands" upon themselves.  True, the USA tends to act like an empire and thus it meddles, unnecessarily at times, in foreign affairs.  Unlike what Imam Rauf has said, Iraq was responsible for the death of millions of Muslim people.  Iran was responsible for the hostage crisis.  Jihadists blew up the Cole and Khobar towers and were even fought by our fourth President, Thomas Jefferson, when they were busy being Barbary Pirates.  Hell, not even the Islamists can agree on the Islam!  Some are Sunni some are Shiite.  Others still want complete Shaira law for the whole world!  Instead of agreeing amongst themselves, they blow one another up and yet, we're the intolerant ones?

Then there are government overlords.  Hiding behind the same first amendment that we use, they claim to "defend" and condemn us all at the same time.  Enter the Guinness Guys: BRILLIANT!  Here's the thing, no one gives a rats donkey whether these people build their Mosque or not.  Quite frankly, most of America acknowledges they have the full right to build it where they want.  If you choose to build it there oh Friar peddler of the Islam, don't be surprised if there is some vigilante justice going on.  I'm not asking for it, I'm just saying you take the chance.  It's the type of justice we would expect from your ilk if we were to put a Catholic Cathedral five blocks next to Mecca.  You claim to be "tolerant" of our USA laws and culture, yet you fail to realize just how tolerant we are of your "political system."  

Simple, people don't care how you worship, or where, as long as you are "sensitive" to the noble deaths of our citizens.  You know, the ones that your ilk murdered.  No one has gone bat crap crazy over a multi-use prayer room where DoD Muslims pray from time to time.  That is the spirit of America, and we are ok with that, even if you aren't.  Most of us understood shortly after 9/11 that those of you in the middle east have the same empirical wishes that the USA leadership has.  Fine, well and good, do it on your own turf!  Leave us out of it.  If you don't, and you haven't, be ready for an ass whoopin!  We get that your history dating back to Mesopotamia has that conquering nature and we conquer to make friends and, well, stick around for a while.  You're just pissed that you hadn't thought about that idea in the last two thousand years.

Well, ok.  So I've digressed.  Case in point, the Islamofascists are being their usual ass-hatter selves, and expect us to alter our culture to fit theirs.  They have tried and succeeded widely in Europe and now they come to the last bastion of freedom, shinning upon the hill and they're biting off more than they can chew.  Newsflash retards, Washington doesn't represent some 75% of the USA if you haven't checked lately.  That figure is more than 2x as high as the colonies' dissatisfaction with the English crown when we revolted, so don't get too comfy.  Us Americans sometimes favor a good old fashioned beat down, and we're gonna continue to beat you down until you give up through good old fashioned American "astroturfing."

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