26 August 2010

Open Thread: Two Months, 90 Posts, 400+ Views

Well, I am tooting my own horn here for a minute, though I am not bragging.  Let us call this post "market research."  I fully admit I'm just another idiot with a blog who happens to meander in what I post about how I write those posts.  Hell, I'm sure half of the 400 views are me looking at my own blog! 

I said I wanted to get my rants and news posts out of my Facebook news feed, but I've realized, Facebooking news is far easier than managing a blog, writing material, captivating (hopefully) audiences, and disseminating links to fellow bloggers on similar topics to cross pollinate readership.  Phew, mouthful.  Taking the news links and turning them into discussions is rather difficult, time consuming, and of course, enjoyable. 

It brings me to this.  I still think I suck at this non-paying job and I mainly write to get my own thoughts down for myself.  I probably sound like a raving lunatic half the time and I should get out from behind the desk more often to write more "slice of life" spots.  I hope I'm just another pissed off American with a newly found internet voice, but that's what I haven't really gathered yet. 

Enter you, dear reader, and answer this question.  Do you hear me?  Do I make sense?  Am I a moron, or should I keep going?  Well, either way, while I write for you out there in intarweb land, I also write for myself.  I've always been self educating, but now I have to critically think harder, research the back stories on a news item, admit when I don't know something and even redact material when I totally FUBAR. 

I'm not saying thanks for my "clicks" just yet, because I don't feel that I have honestly earned many of them, but I will say thank you for the exposure thus far.  Please feel free to leave suggestions on this and any other blog post.  I really want to understand what you, as a reader of this (and other) blog(s) is looking for. 

Going forward, I promise I will make some better attempts to get more American Spirit in this blog and not just the good old American Civil Disobedience.  Until the next milestone post, thank you for your continued readership.

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