24 August 2010

Rant of the Day: RNC Chairman Steele At it Again!

Good old Chairman Michael Steele is at it again!  What a reject!  HotAir Blog has the coverage of today's article in The Hill

Seems the Chairman doesn't care for the Arizona Immigration law, and is hoping to spark some "good" news for the liberal media and political establishment to gin up.  His statements have me so frustrated that it's created today's rant of the day (ROTD)!  
Chairman Steele,

Please stop speaking for the party!  We in the country class are tired of our "political leaders" gabbing their "opinions" and insulting our intelligence as for how the Constitution and our Country are supposed to work.  I am referring to your comments in today's "the Hill" article.  Sorry to say, but it is party members LIKE AZ Gov Jan Brewer that DO represent me, and reflect the notion of the country class movement far better than you and the RNC do.  Stop dumbing down the issues, and make the RNC actually stand for something like, oh I don't know freedom and national sovereignty.  You would certainly see more support from me and others like me, IF you would stop playing the inside the beltway game and forced your candidates and organization to act like citizens! 

Illegal means ILLEGAL.  It does not mean undocumented and it is a non-discriminatory offense NOT BASED on race, religion, creed, sex, or sexual orientation.  It is based upon international LAW.  LAW, you know the rules by which citizens (and even their elected representatives) are supposed to constrain themselves by.

I have voted for you in the past, but you no longer represent the average American that likes his country for the way it was founded [emphasis added].  Please, do us all a favor and go back to liking puppies. 

PS: I'm sending an email to Jan Brewer that she needs to remind you that YOU don't represent the entire Republican party either.  Seriously, stop ruining our chances to win the Nov. elections.  Or, if you'd like, get the heck out of our way! 

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