01 September 2010

Slice of Life: Good Day Fishing, Means A Good Day

As the saying goes, a bad day of fishing beats a good day of work, so what happens when you have a good day of fishing?  Well, that means even when you snap one of your rods in half and get beat by your wife for the biggest fish, it's a damned good day.

Two weeks ago, the family foursome (the wife, parental units, and I) were out on my dad's boat down near Chincoteague, VA.  A peaceful day started out fairly uneventful and in search of the fish we went.  The waters down around the Virginia island can be quite shallow and quickly changing which means that the captain (read dad) has to be on his game at all times.  This time he was, and we had an excellent day at hooking up to 60 Croaker.  Definitely one of the better days I have had saltwater fishing in the last five years and it reminded me why I buy a fishing license every year.  Everything is better on a boat! 

I can't wait for the fall flounder season and the prospects of surf fishing from the beach in October certainly are on my mind after that productive day.  Maybe I might let my wife catch the biggest fish again.  ;-)

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