15 October 2010

Latest Trend in Enviro-Wackos: Done with Tree Huging, Now Glacier Huging?

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin has this one today for humor (or seriousness, depending upon which school of thought to which you subscribe).  

It seems that instead of hugging trees (that's old school apparently), Enviro-Wackos have taken to hugging Glaciers.  The mere fact that A) Someone has made a "hugging" suit for hugging glaciers is not only batshit nuts, but B) there are people whom actually go out to express, physically, their emotions to trees, rain forests and glaciers?

Herm.  Sorry folks.  Environmentalism is worse than I thought.  I've heard it called a religion, but it appears to be on par with that of the radical islamo-fasicsts.  If they aren't busy with their "jihad" against "non-believers" and their quest for a "purge of the infidels," they are busy having perverted sexual relations with non-reciprocating trees, rain forests, and glaciers.  (I wonder if the jihadists have anything in their Koran pertaining to sex with geological formations?)

For the ultimate in liberalisation, I wonder if anyone consulted the glaciers for consensual sex contracts prior to dawning of the suits?  I mean, we're all about glacier rights here, can I get an amen? 

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