15 October 2010

Restoring Sanity Update: Oprah to Pay for Audience

AHHHHHH!  What's a batnut party without some good old fashioned astroturfing?  Yep, that's right.  As predicted here on this blog, the correctly named "ratings coup" is turning out to be a lot of a flop. 

Look, there simply aren't enough "moderates" whom are outlandish enough to really show up at an event like this.  Further, considering the batnutter following of the left that is out there (and their pay for play audiences) it will really be a batnutter party with a headline grab and ratings boost for the ComedyCentral host.  Hey, I have no problem with a man trying to make a buck, but it's a crying shame when we can out your nuttiness before it even starts.

My wife said a few coworkers were planning on attending this event, I wonder if they will be asking for a refund now that they are showing up for free and others at least had their travel covered?  Hey, someone should tell the actors union that there are extras working for below market union contract rates! 

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