22 October 2010

Texas Women Packing More Heat

Courtesy of John R. Lott (the author of More Guns Less Crime), comes a story from Tyler Texas where more women are now carrying concealed handguns than ever before.  Some 31,000 females now have Texas CHP licenses which is up nearly 40% from the previous high in 1996 (initial year of issuance for the permits to all individuals). 

What is also fascinating is this little blurb from KLTV 7's coverage of the story: 
Terry Adams and John Coblentz teach concealed handgun classes and say it's not just women who are arming themselves. "The people that are pushing gun control are making people nervous and they're buying weapons," said Adams.
Interesting.  So, those who are against us are now becoming the biggest hypocrites in the kitchen?  (Sorry for using hypocrite twice today).

Just more subtle evidence that the trend toward individual freedom as afford to us in our founding documents is mainstream and very much alive.  All the more reason that our freedom is attacked with regularity by those who wish to take our freedom away.   

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