22 October 2010

Update: Restoring Sanity More Like Who's Who of Batnut Left

Code Pink?  You got it!  Pro-Abortion groups?  YEP!  Anarchists?  NO DOUBT! 

From today's American Thinker, it seems that I continue to call it right that the batnuts are the ones that will show up at John Stewart's rating coup restoring sanity rally.

Look, I've said it before several times and I'll say it again...sanity is liberty and the tea party movement.  Professional protesters, showing up to bolster someone's ratings when they've been paid to go to this thing by Oprah and the other front running .org's, says just one thing; hypocrites.  No matter the turnout to this thing, which in all respects will be quite minimal anyways, just more proof that the Comedy Central geniuses are great at grabbing headlines for personal gain. 

Of course, those of us on the right will never be afforded the same media attention even when we have seven figure turnouts.  Oh well. 

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